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Become an innovator in accessibility

Ability Summit may be over for this year but your accessibility journey doesn’t need to stop—in case you missed a session, or any sessions we have them available on demand, along with resources for you to imagine the possibilities of building a more inclusive world for all.

Explore this year’s keynote sessions

Keynote 1 - Imagine accessible technology


Learn what it takes to develop innovative, inclusively designed accessible technology. Discover how you can become an innovator in accessibility and help create a more inclusive culture.


Satya Nadella | Microsoft

Jenny Lay-Flurrie | Microsoft

Ales Holecek | Microsoft

Alisa Choong | Shell

Claudia Gordon | T-mobile

Hafsa Azaz | Microsoft

Irene Mbari-Kirika | inAble

Judson Althoff | Microsoft

KR Liu | Google, Brand Studio

Kyle Shachmut | Harvard University

Tamara Rogers | Haleon

Saqib Shaikh | Microsoft

Gaelynn Lea

Keynote 2 - Build more inclusive technology


Lessons-learned from the deaf and hard of hearing community about building technology for productivity. Discover new tools that disabled developers can use to accelerate their work, and how all makers can create more inclusive technology.


Amanda Silver | Microsoft

Christina Mallon | Microsoft

Howard Rosenblum | National Association of the Deaf

Jennison Asuncion | LinkedIn 

Jhillika Kumar | Mentra

Lauren Gardner | Microsoft

Margaret Price | Microsoft

Mary Stevens | Microsoft

Melissa Elmira Yingst

Shilpa Ranganathan | Microsoft

Keynote 3 - Include people with disabilities


Learn how organizations can advance disability policy and what intersectionality means to people with disabilities. Don’t miss gaming for everyone and join us behind the scenes to learn best practices for accessible events.


Jessica Rafuse | Microsoft

Alexia Clayborne | Microsoft

Bob Bejan | Microsoft

Pete Buttigieg | U.S. Department of Transportation

Brad Smith | Microsoft

Clarion Mendes | University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Dave McCarthy | Microsoft

Deborah Watts | Emmett Till Legacy Foundation

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson | University of Illinois

Michelle Taylor | MD, DrPH, MPA, Shelby County Government

Mike Luckett

Natasha Bell | 1687 Club

Polly Dawkins, MBA | Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's

Reena Evers-Everette | Medgar & Myrlie Evers Institute

Rosalind Withers | Withers Collection Museum & Gallery

Imagine sessions


Learn how you can imagine new technologies, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Assistive technology, and Inclusive Design to invent the future of inclusion.

Building for the Brain: designing for cognitive inclusion



Cathy Bodin | Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities

Christina Mallon | Microsoft

Doug Kim | Microsoft

Jen White-Johnson

Accessible technology within reach: how to break down the barriers to accessing Assistive Technology



Bernard Chiira

Ioana Tanase | Microsoft

Steve Hodges | Microsoft

Vidhya Y | Vision Empower and Vembi Technologies

Artificial Intelligence: Your Organization is the Future of Accessible Technology



Anna Zettersten

Marco Casalaina | Microsoft

Shakul Raj Sonker | I-Stem

Ailsa Leen | Microsoft

Build Sessions

Create an inclusive culture by making accessibility easier to achieve through tools, best practices, and knowledge sharing.

Generative AI for A11y: Empowering everyone with Generative AI



Anne Taylor | Microsoft

April Dunnam | Microsoft

Rizel Scarlett | GitHub

Ailsa Leen | Microsoft

Accessibility meets Productivity and Agility in the Workplace



Gary Sherman | Liberty Mutual

Hector Minto | Microsoft

Rachel Higham

Tucker Dupree

Inclusive Development: Empower Every Developer and Their Teams to Achieve More



Anna White | Microsoft

Dante Gagne | Microsoft

B. Ramkumar | State Bank of India

Steph Battershell | Microsoft

Roberto Perez | Microsoft

Include sessions

Meet leaders with disabilities and allies who specialize in disability culture, workplace accommodations, organizational responsibility, and disability policy. Learn how you can amplify the perspectives of people with disabilities for a more inclusive world.

2023 Disability Policy: spilling the tea on issues that impact everyone



Dom Kelly

Frank Cavaliere

Maria Town

Alejandro Moledo

Success Enablers in the Hybrid World: embracing change in workplace accommodations and adjustments



Chuck Edward

Hannah Rose Olson | Disclo

Maria Grazia Zedda | High Speed Two Ltd (HS2)

Nandita Gupta | Microsoft

Nora Elena Genster | Employment Transformation Collective at Northwest Center

Disability Inclusion: are you measuring what matters?



Angelika Inglsperger | Allianz

Kathy Martinez | Expedia Group

Steve Lippman | Microsoft

Rhiannon Parker | The Valuable 500

Continue your accessibility journey


Level up with resources to get you there.

Microsoft accessibility resources

Explore stories, resources and training on accessibility. Together we can create a more accessible world for all.

Disability Answer Desk

Get support today with the Disability Answer Desk. Support for Microsoft Office, Windows, and Xbox is waiting for you. Find other helpful resources for all Microsoft products—all in one place.


The @MSFTEnable Youtube channel has a library of videos and content from past Ability Summits along with interviews with leaders with disabilities in some of world’s top industries.

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